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Selected presentation slides
#eutenhodireito – Claudia
Design para jornalistas
"Design para jornalistas: primeiros passos em edição visual" was my final coursework in college. Since I was graduating in Journalism, my final assignment was a book introducing the fundamentals of graphic design to journalists. The book focus on editorial design in a very easy language, for readers that have little or no previous contact with graphic design. It was top graded and elected one of the most noticeable courseworks in 2011
Feira dos Campeões
A Revolução do Novo
A "Revolução do Novo" is a series of events to discuss issues of living and working in contemporary life. The agenda addresses recent changes in consumer behavior, corporations and society. The briefing was to produce a visual identity that delivers a techie and futuristic look.
"Quatro Rodas" New Website Campaign
Campaign to promote "Quatro Rodas" automobilism magazine website redesign
72 hours
Typography design for a story illustration on Veja São Paulo magazine
Saúde website
"Saúde" is one of the Abril products who existed inside "M de Mulher", the main feminine website of the company. In this channel, the main subjects are health and well-being. Before fitting all websites inside a master theme, I've designed the website as they decided to take Saúde apart from M de Mulher. In this design, they asked for special treatment on tables, recipes and highlights from the text. The brand, who is not a feminine brand, needed to speak to a broader audience and to draw attention from the younger parcel of users
Especial Casa Cor 2014
"Casa Cor" is the biggest brazilian interior design exposition. In 2014 São Paulo edition, Veja São Paulo released a special digital magazine with photos, videos, interviews, maps and 360º views of the best works at Casa Cor
Pega o Oscar
"Mundo Estranho" magazine wanted to quiz it's users on the Oscars in a very quick and fun game. The interface of the game is a clear satire of Tinder, with cards bringing up actors and directors and the player must swipe right/left or use the buttons on the screen or computer keyboard to choose the ones they think won an Oscar. The look and feel of the game, however, uses elements from the Academy Awards universe: red curtains and exaustive use of gold. The fun part of it relies on the results: for each score, one funny Leonardo DiCaprio gif reacts according to how great the score was, from scenes of movies in which he haven't had won the Oscars yet.
Commuting in São Paulo
Cards for user engagement on social media based on scenes of commutation in São Paulo. All base illustrations are from free stock websites
Duelos Comer e Beber: Chefs do Futuro
Veja classified advertising section
Redesign of Classifed ads sections on Veja São Paulo, Veja Rio, Veja Brasília and Veja BH magazines
Veja São Paulo: Especial 30 Anos
Introduction of 30 years anniversary of Veja São Paulo magazine, presenting the main stories on the edition and audience numbers
Veja São Paulo: Corrente do Pedal
In this presentation for sponsors, the idea was to introduce a campaign focused on fitness and well-being by the use of bicycles for urban commute in São Paulo
Veja São Paulo e Veja Rio: Ponte Aérea
In this project, Abril introduced a special edition involving Veja São Paulo and Veja Rio to present the best cultural and gastronomic features in town for the readers of the other city.
Veja São Paulo: Edição Especial Miami
Introduction of the special Veja São Paulo Miami edition, presenting the main media display formats, audience numbers and idea behind the product
Veja São Paulo: Eu sou 100% São Paulo
In this presentation for sponsors, the idea was to present a campaign focused on optimism and the upsides of living and working in São Paulo
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