Editora Abril is the largest publishing house in Latin America. I've worked for 8+ years at the company, being Creative Director for the last 3. My role was to direct a team of 15 people, between designers, writers, videomakers and producers. The team was responsible for all of the company creative assets for trade, retail, brand experience and producing material for more than 100 events per year.
Jornada Galápagos de Jornalismo is a free training course for journalists and other people interested in content creation. The first edition took place from July 22nd to August 1st, 2019. We flew 30 people to São Paulo from all over Brazil for a 12 day marathon of classes and workshops.
Placar is the most important soccer magazine in Brazil. Placar started exploring it's multiplatform potential. So, they needed a new brand design that could represent the passion for soccer in different media, both on and offline. In competition with others designers and studios working on different, my version was chosen to be the face of the new era of Placar.
Illustration for Veja São Paulo magazine, on an opinion article about the excess of media citations on "Lava jato", anti-corruption operation by brazilian Federal Police.
Elástica was a project of a youngster content channel different from Abril’s brands. Speaking to the Y generation, Elástica was a trial to a new business model inside a corporation. All the writers and videomakers came fresh from college, trying to experiment with a new way to reach the audience.
Experience design for Galápagos Newsmaking institutional website
Jiang is one of the most famous, funniest and charismatic participants of Masterchef Brasil, an amateur cooking reality show on TV. In "A vida e as receitas de Jiang", her first cookbook, I used bold graphics, strong colors and oriental elements to represent her incredible personality from cover to cover. The book is fun and full of easy recipes that anyone can cook
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